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Now is the best.

When I meet new people, I often get asked the usual ‘let's-get-acquainted' question of what I do for a living, to which I reply: "I teach French".

Then, 8 times out of 10, my new friend replies with a heartfelt cry and slightly high pitched voice, "Oh I LOVE France, I LOVE the French language, it sounds SO beautiful, Paris is SO romantic, I really wish I could speak French, that's one of my biggest regrets."

Once their lamentation has come to an end, I reply with a big smile, "Well, why don't you start learning now?" Inevitably the answer is "I'm too old, it's too late, I wish I'd learnt it at school".

Then, depending on my mood, I either move onto a different subject or I start campaigning...

If I do, it basically sounds like this:

You are never too old to start learning ANYTHING! Learning is about self -improvement,

self-furthering, self-pushing. (I'm quite sure I made those words up, I'm still learning!)

Even more so, it's about embarking on a journey and having fun along the way.

I look at my high school students and they are under so much pressure to do well in French.

That's because, ultimately, their French level will have a large impact on their HSC/IB score. So, for them, learning French is a big deal. It can be stressful because so much is at stake.

But then, I look at my adult students! They always turn up with a big smile, they're relaxed, positive and eager to learn more.


Because they are under zero pressure.

And that's the beauty of learning a language later in life: you learn it for your own enjoyment and most likely, so you can make the most of your next trip to France.

So it's definitely not too late and you are definitely not too old. In fact, you are just ripe to start learning! The best time is simply NOW.

Allez! Lancez-vous!

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