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Your learning

Your learning must give you the tools to interact in French in the “real world”.


This is why lessons at French For You in Manly will focus on “real life” experiences, such as:

  • introducing yourself or someone else

  • describing something or someone

  • giving your opinion and presenting your arguments

  • asking questions

  • ordering at a restaurant, making a reservation

  • going grocery shopping

  • talking about current affairs

  • writing an email, an invitation, a thank you note etc…


These are examples only and we will first identify your level and your goals before developing a realistic road map. Every lesson will be customised for you with the most appropriate learning material for your level. My learning tools are a combination of a variety of texts, audio and video documents to fast track your comprehension.


Through this real world application of the French language you will quickly assimilate vocabulary, grammar, expressions, pronunciation and discover many aspects of French culture.

High school students will follow the HSC and IB curricula. University students will follow their year programme and any additional topics as needed.


After each lesson, I will send you notes and give you homework so you can keep

on “thinking French” between sessions. The more French in your life, the better!


Learning French can be daunting and challenging but, as your French tutor, I will provide support and motivation at every step of your learning journey. 

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