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"Bonjour Vanessa, aujourd'hui j'ai reçu mes résultats pour le IB, et en français j'ai reçu un 7 avec une note de 97/100. Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour moi pendant ces deux années et j'espère que les vacances se sont bien passées. Cordialement"  Chloe (Year 12 I.B, Queenwood)

"Julia’s understanding of French, both grammatically and verbally, has improved beyond measure since she has been tutored by Vanessa. Vanessa is an inspiring, motivating and committed teacher. Her teaching methods have helped Julia tremendously, and inspired her to continue studying French to a higher level. Thank you so much Vanessa" - Rachel, Seaforth

"Bonjour Vanessa!

J’ai reçu la note “92” pour le français et grâce à cette note, j’ai reçu un 7! (J’ai reçu un 44 au total aussi!!)  

Je suis très fière de ma note et je vous remercie beaucoup pour toutes les leçons et tout ce que vous avez fait pour moi."  - Taylor (Year 12 I.B, Queenwood)

"I got 7/7 in French!!! Je n'aurais pas pu le faire sans vous Vanessa !!"  - Julia (Year 12 I.B, Redlands)

"Vanessa is a wonderful teacher, always well prepared and well organised. She teaches in a really motivating, friendly and patient way. My son Julius (14y) was able to vastly improve his French listening, reading and writing skills. Julius is very happy, especially with the conversation skills he has acquired. Thank you so much, Vanessa"

- Syelle, Collaroy (Julius, Year 9, German International School)

"Vanessa made French more simple for me. This helped me enormously in my French HSC exams. The written and speaking exam preparation was extremely helpful and guaranteed exam success. Vanessa is so committed and lovely and the learning environment was the best. I highly recommend Vanessa to anyone struggling with HSC French!"
- Sydney, Manly (Year 12 HSC Continuers, Stella Maris)

"I hadn't had any lessons before starting with Vanessa and have been really impressed with the ease at which she has been able to give me confidence in both understanding and speaking French. Given I was starting from scratch I've found the structure of the lessons, along with Vanessa's patience in helping to ensure key points sink in, have ensured a very comfortable and enjoyable way to learn. My aim is to get more out of my trips to France and Vanessa has helped enormously with this in a relatively short period of time."

- Peter, Manly (Adult student)

"After a long break from French classes, which I had taken at high school and from time to time over the years at various evening colleges, I commenced with Vanessa at French For You in early 2017.  I was particularly keen to find a sympathetic and thoughtful teacher who would be fun to learn with and could help motivate me to push through to the next level with my very uneven and rusty intermediate level French.  Vanessa's tailor made approach and good humour has ensured that my French is coming along extremely well and I thoroughly enjoy our time together in my weekly lessons.  I would not hesitate to recommend to Vanessa to other adult learners, either complete beginners or those with more background in the language, who are looking for an enjoyable and supportive environment in which to learn French."

- Andrew, Manly (Adult student)


"Hi Vanessa, 

I hope you have had a good day! I just wanted to send a text to let you know about my results in French which I found out today.  I got 94/100 in French Continuers and a Band 6 and a 44/50 in French Extension and an extension Band 3! I’m so happy with these results and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to help me this year! Merry Christmas!"

- Kate, Seaforth (Year 12 HSC Continuers  & Extension, Loreto Kirribilli)


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